These products are available in various colors and sizes.

The white pebbles and cobbles are made of marble from Macael (Almería) Spain, one of the most pure marbles in the word.

This white marble material is prepared in several measures, of which the most usual are:  8/15 mm, 15/25 mm, 25/40 mm y 40/100 mm.  We produce the largest measures of 100/150 mm and 150/300 mm as well.

The usal transport formats of these products are: in bulk, in BIG-BAG, in cages for the larger sizes and in small bags of 25 kg.

The marble pebbles & cobbles have multiple applications and are increasingly used as much in gardening as in arquitecture, in design and decoration of interiors and exteriors. In the times when water is scarce these materials are an ideal solution for many surfaces such as gardens, terraces or roads, among others. They protect the ground from sudden changes of temperature, maintain greater field humidity, prevent erosion and the appearance of weeds and have low maintenance costs.

White marble pebbles 15/25 mm

White marble pebbles 15/25 mm

White marble pebbles 25/40 mm

White marble pebbles 40/100 mm








White marble cobbles 100/150 mm

White marble cobbles 150/300 mm










The white marble gravels from Macael (Almería) Spain are also available in several sizes, of which the most common are:  2/3 mm, 3/6 mm, 5/9 mm, 9/12 mm, 12/20 mm, 20/25mm and 25/36 mm. We also have smaller measures like: 0/0,9 mm (white powder), 0,9/1,7 mm (white grit) and the micronized of the following measures: 0 – 5 microns, o – 10 microns, 0 – 15 microns and 0 – 20 microns. The usual transport formats of these products are: in bulk, in BIG-BAG and in 20 kg bags and 25 kg bags for micronized ones.

The micronized products produced in Macael have a whiteness level greater than 98.50% and applications in multiple sectors such as: sealants, plastic paints, polymer concrete, adhesives, glues, PVC, cosmetics, detergents, synthetic marble, food additive E-170, among others.

The color marble gravels are also available in several sizes, of which the most common are: blue grey gravels (0-4 mm, 0-6 mm, 0-32 mm, 8-12 mm, 12-20 mm, 20-40 mm), yellow gravels (3-7 mm, 6-11 mm, 10-22 mm, 20-40 mm, 30-60 mm) and  dark grey gravels (2-3 mm, 3-6 mm, 6-9 mm, 9-12 mm, 12-22 mm, 22-30 mm).

White marble gravels 3/6 mm

White marble gravels 12/20 mm

White marble gravels 25/36 mm








Blue grey marble gravels 20/40 mm

Yellow marble gravels 10/22 mm

Dark grey marble gravels 30/40 mm









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