La piedra natural perdura en el tiempo.Le da un toque de elegancia a lo antiguo y a lo moderno.

We are a Spanish company dedicated to the world of stone and decorative marble gravels & pebbles from already 20 years.

The personal treatment, speed and seriousness are our identity mark.

We offer personalized service in following languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan and Polish.

We sell several types of natural stone, as irregular as cut, and especially we are dedicated to the original stone of Macael (Almería – Spain) :  BRIGHT BLUE, BROWN & MIXED QUARTZITE from which we control all its processes: from extraction to commercialization. The stone BRIGHT QUARTZITE is very versatile, not slippery and has very good resistance to freezing. These characteristics, among others, allow its use in hot and cold climates.

We are also specialized in selling PEBBLES/COBBLES and GRAVELS from the marble of the Macael’s Mountain Range (Almería – Spain). The available colors are white, yellow, blue gray, dark gray, green and red. The white  is pure, very hard and not yellowish with time because it does not carry any type of mixture with other products such as dolomites or calcium carbonate from other regions of Spain or countries of the Mediterranean environment.

Tell us what stone you need and we will serve it to you!

Natural stone and marble gravels & pebbles have multiple applications, both at a private level, in homes and gardens, and at an industrial level, in large works.


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